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Southbridge Investments and On.Capital form Joint Venture to launch “Energy Go-Getters Fund” for clean energy access investments in Africa

Southbridge Investments and On.Capital are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic joint venture to manage a USD 100 million Fund: The Energy Go-Getters Fund. This pioneering initiative is aimed at accelerating universal energy access and climate resilience across the African continent, with a particular focus on underserved countries. The collaboration brings together the expertise and resources of two prominent firms, with a shared commitment to driving innovative sustainable energy solutions and fostering inclusive economic growth.

The Energy Go-Getters Fund will target investments in a wide spectrum of energy access businesses, ranging from early-stage startups with promising technologies to mature companies poised for expansion. By harnessing the power of clean and renewable energy sources, the fund aims to contribute to Africa’s sustainable development goals while generating attractive returns for its investors.

We believe that Africa has tremendous opportunity to harness its vast resources in renewable energy to meet its energy, jobs and carbon objectives and deliver a brighter and more sustainable future for its people. This joint venture with On.Capital not only exemplifies our dedication to responsible investing but also showcases our confidence in Africa’s potential as a global leader in the renewable and digital energy sector.” said Dr. Frannie Léautier, CEO of Southbridge Investments.

Through the Energy Go-Getters Fund, we provide the much-needed early stage and scale up equity to energy access champions, especially in underserved markets. As Go-Getters, we are on the ground, alongside our entrepreneurs, determined to overcome new and difficult situations. We’ll Go-Get universal access to energy done ! We are excited to embark on this journey with Southbridge Investments, as we pool our resources and collective expertise to continue driving innovation, job creation, and environmental stewardship across the continent.” said Emmanuel Beau, CEO of On.Capital and founding Partner of Energy AccessVentures, a USD90 million smart infrastructure fund.

Both Southbridge Investments and On.Capital have a proven track record of successful investment strategies, value creation and an unwavering commitment to responsible business practices. This joint venture solidifies their dedication to driving positive impact through sustainable investments.

The launch of a dedicated fund management platform marks a significant milestone in the partnership between Southbridge Investments and On.Capital, as they work together to accelerate Africa’s journey towards a more sustainable energy landscape.

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