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PREO report on the socio-economic benefits of PURE in Africa

The productive use of renewable energy (PURE) market opportunity in rural sub-Saharan Africa is estimated to be worth $864 billion up to 2030. The PREO Impact Report 2022/23 explores the latest impact insights from the PREO programme, demonstrating the socio-economic benefits of investing in revenue and income-generating products and services in Africa.

Enterprises funded through PREO are demonstrating an undeniable business case for investment in PURE infrastructure to enable business and industry to thrive across sub-Saharan Africa.

The report brings together programme level highlights on the breadth of PREO’s impact across companies, regions and sectors, and dives in to detailed examples from a range of PREO-supported enterprises. 

Read the report to find out more about 14 PURE enterprises funded through PREO, spanning a range of different agriculture value chain and e-mobility initiatives. Each demonstrates the impact of PREO support on business model viability, knowledge building, and attracting scale-up capital, as well as the wider impact of this work on end users, communities, and local economies – supporting higher incomes, job creation, climate resilience and reduced reliance on fossil fuels through harnessing clean energy.

Download the report