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EEP Africa approves 32 new grantees

The EEP Africa Investment Committee met at Nordic Development Fund (NDF) headquarters in Helsinki, Finland on 26-27 September to approve funding for projects submitted under the 2023 Call for Proposals. A total of EUR 13.6 million was approved for 32 new grantees from 11 countries.

The new portfolio is technologically diverse with focus on productive use of energy, e-mobility, mini-grids, clean cooking, residential electricity access, power generation and energy efficiency and storage. This year there has been an increase in e-mobility grantees, with a total of six being approved for financing. Of these 32 companies, 40% are piloting their innovations while just over 50% were seeking to scale-up their operations. The remaining two grantees will conduct feasibility studies.

This competitive call attracted 411 applications for projects in 13 countries in Southern and Eastern Africa, with EUR 178 million in total financing requested. In line with the new selection process, 80 applicants were interviewed, and 41 project proposals were shortlisted and submitted full proposals.

Details can be found at the EEP Africa website.