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60dB Off-grid energy top impact awards

60 Decibels announced the Top Impact Award winners of their 2024 Energy Impact Index – a customer-centric compilation of data based on the voices and experiences of over 79,000 individuals.

Out of the 140+ energy organizations surveyed in 30+ different countries, these energy organizations ranked top across 3 areas in the Index: Impact, Customer Experience, and Access.

Off-grid energy solutions are the most efficient way to provide energy to those lacking access to electricity, and these organizations have demonstrated exceptional performance in delivering these services and making a positive impact on the lives of customers.

The solar lanterns award went to SunnyMoney (SolarAid) in Zambia, with SunnyMoney (SolarAid) in Malawi and Agriput Solar in Zimbabwe as second and third.
In the category Solar Home Systems the award went to Vitalite in Malawi with SUKi Africa in Nigeria and RECAPO Solar Systems in Malawi as runners-up.
Winners in the other categories can be found at the 60 Decibels website

The Awards are based on the 60dB Energy Impact Index, which looks at three areas:

Impact – how transformative or meaningful are the energy products or services for families? 60dB uses their Quality of Life indicator here – looking at the % of company customers who said their new energy access had ‘very much improved’ their and their families’ lives.

Customer experience – how do customers feel about their interactions with the company and the broader service they provide? For this four indicators are used:

  • Ease of use (Customer Challenge Rate inverted)
  • Issue Resolution
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Access – how successful are companies at reaching previously unserved populations? Here they use three of their indicators: First Access, No Access to Alternatives, and the Inclusivity Rate (IR).

Full background can be found at the 60 Decibel's website